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Message from the Board President

Dewayne Holley

March 28, 2023

As President of the Board of Directors of White House Water System, it is my responsibility to communicate to you the accomplishments and future plans of our water system, White House Water System (“’WHWS”). This is an effort to keep you informed of your water system at work.

During the past two years many positive things have been accomplished for WHWS, namely, funding has been approved to drill one or more new water wells and treatment plant(s); a GIS mapping system was purchased and continuous efforts are underway to upgrade manual read meters to radio read meters. Trucks and other equipment vital to the Maintenance Department have been purchased and the board of directors have encouraged and provided training and apprenticeship to employees interested in pursuing Operator Licensing necessary to WHWS operations. New computers and monitors for the office have been purchased and lighting, both inside and outside of the office, shop and well treatment plant was upgraded. New subdivision regulations for future development in our service area has been developed. These are significant accomplishments and are all aimed at providing good, dependable service to our Members.


In addition to these accomplishments, your Board of Directors plan to use the grant and loan funding to drill and produce more water for its Members. Producing its own water distributed by WHWS will insure availability and cost control. With the current income, we plan to: upgrade existing distribution lines; improve emergency

communications to Members; complete collection and entry of GPS data into our mapping system; purchase additional trucks and equipment for the Maintenance Department and pursue other additional improvements. Future plans include consideration of repair and possible expansion to the office building, signage, landscaping and shop and pursue more e-billing options for the Members, to name a few.


In closing, I would like to bring to your attention to a movement among some Members of WHWS. There is an ongoing campaign to give WHWS and all its assets to North Baldwin Utilities (NBU) in exchange for a promise of lower monthly rates guaranteed for two (2) years. North Baldwin Utilities is an Alabama corporation wholly owned by the City of Bay Minette. If this effort were successful, the control of your water system in your local community will be lost and passed to North Baldwin Utilities and the City of Bay Minette. As Members, you enjoy the current control of the White House Water System services. We are fighting to help you keep your control and your local water utility.


Other Members want WHWS to remain independent from North Baldwin Utilities (NBU) and the City of Bay Minette. Independence allows the WHWS Members to vote and elect the members of the Board of Directors. This provides the Member with the ability to bring suggestions and voice their concerns related to their own community. Remember, all Members own interest in WHWS.


Please remember these issues and the importance of casting your vote for individuals who will represent you the Member and not someone to represent North Baldwin Utilities (NBU) and the City of Bay Minette when voting in our upcoming election for two members to the Board of Directors.




Dewayne Holley

President, Board of Directors of White House Water System

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