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Rates and Procedures


  • Residential - 0 through 2,000 Gallons of Water: $14

  • Commercial - 0 through 2,000 Gallons of Water: $32

  • Gallons 2,001 and up: $6 per 1,000 gallons to be billed in increments of 100 gallons

     Late Fees and Non-Payment

  • Late fee - $10

  • Service will be suspended due to non-payment 30 days after the due date. A $50 fee will be added for locking the meter

     Lock Tampering Policy

  • 1st offense: $50 fine added to the account

  • 2nd offense: Meter will be pulled and a $300 fee will be applied to the account

    Refund Policy

Refunds for payments made to White House Water, whether in person, through postal mail, ACH, via telephone, or through a third-party payment processor linked from our website will be issued upon the closing of the account when payments made result in an excess credit balance on the account. A refund check will be mailed to the customer’s last known address. Adjustments or refunds for card payments must be issued to the card account used for the original transaction and must be processed before payment has been posted to the account. Credits to your card account may take 24-72 hours to appear on your card statement. We do not hold or block your card account.

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